DX Fanzine (nr.03) - April 1999

DX Fanzine brings together tips and news as contributed by individual DXers or ascertained from different sources. It is updated daily, otherwise as soon as we receive logs and news from any DXer around the world. We are interested in any change about frequencies, times, language-services, transmitters, programme-contents, phone and fax-numbers, electronic and postal address, station personnel. Emphasis is on broadcasting from Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean area.
NB: All times, days and dates are day/month GMT-UTC, unless otherwise stated.
Tips are entered in date order. Reception quality shorties: P = Poor, F = Fair, G = Good, E = Excellent. Other abbreviations: PIR = Pirate, CLA = clandestine.

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LAST UPDATED: 2nd May, 1999 at 16.30

Frequency Date Time        ITU  Station, Language, Programme details.     Quality DXer

9700 07/04 13.00 IND All India Radio - Hindi: IS, ID. P/F 433 AN 15170 07/04 14.00 SAU BSKSA - FF: ID, Schedule. G/E 544 AN 11530 07/04 14.30 LEB Wings of hope - EE: ID, Address in Cyprus. G. 444 AN 9750 07/04 15.03 ROM R. Romania Int. - IT: NX. G/E 544 AN 21500 07/04 15.35-15.38 CHI R. Voz Cristiana - SS: La mujer de hoy, ID. G. 354 AN 9355 07/04 16.00 GUM KSDA, AWR - EE: IS, ID. G. 344 AN 11690 07/04 16.03 JOR R. Jordan - EE: NX, ID. G/E 544 AN 5500 07/04 16.55-17.20 Probably Voice of Tigray Revolution - VV: G. 444 AN MX, At 17.00 TK by a male speaker. 6265 07/04 18.00-18.10 ZMB R. Zambia, EE: ID, NX. Promo in VV at 18.11 F/G 444 AN 15435 07/04 21.00 LBY Voice of Africa, FF: NX. At 21.02 in AA F/G 444 AN 4870 07/04 21.44 BEN ORTB - Cotonou, FF: ID F. 353 AN 15345 07/04 22.00 ARG RAE, multilanguage ID and PX in SS G. 454 AN 6165 07/04 22.12-22.31 TCD R.Diffusion Nationale Tchadienne, FF: G. 444 AN NX. ID, Nat. Anthem ans S/OFF at 22.30 15185 07/04 22.50-22.56 GNE R. Africa, EE: ID, Address, National G. 344 AN Anthem and S/OFF at 22.56 11940 08/04 00.20 CBG National R. of Cambodia, FF: TK P. 232 AN 4800 08/04 00.34 IND AIR, Hyderabad, EE: Interview. F. 343 AN 4955 08/04 01.02 CLM R.Difusora Nacional de Colombia, SS: ID. F. 343 AN 5075 08/04 01.05-01.10 CLM Caracol, Bogotà, SS: Sport NX, Commercials, G. 344 AN Jingle. 11510 08/04 12.00 R. Free Asia - EE/Khmer: ID. G. 554 AN 9660 08/04 13.30 ITA AWR Europe, Forlì, EE/GG/FF/IT: ID+PX in AA F. 433 AN 7165 08/04 16.00 ETH R. Ethiopia - EE: IS, ID. P. 322 AN 11965 08/04 17.00 GUM KSDA, AWR - Agat, EE: ID. PX in Asian lang. F. 433 AN 15150 08/04 17.30 INS Voice of Indonesia, SS: ID, Freq's, NX. G. 544 AN 3940 10/04 21.37 PIR Int.Music R.- EE: Dance mx, ID, QTH. 333 BP 3927 10/04 21.43 PIR R.Korak Int.- EE: Mx folk-dance, ID. 433 BP 3905 10/04 21.46 PIR R.Blackbeard - EE: Mx dance,ID, e-mail, 333 BP 5805 10/04 21.53 PIR R.Free London- EE: Mx pop-rock, ID. 333 BP 11390 11/04 07.51 I Marconi Radio International (Pirate) - EE: F. 253 AN DX PX. They said that are on the air on Sun- days, 07.00-09.15. E-mail: mrisw@hotmail.com 6240 11/04 09.10-09.12 PIR Radio Bandonica, Pirate, - DD: ID. 243 AB 6270 11/04 09.11-09.15 PIR Radio AL International, Pirate. - EE: ID. 354 AB 6285 11/04 09.12-09.45 UNID - non stop dutch mx. 454 AB 6300 11/04 09.18-09.45 PIR Flux Radio, Pirate, DD: ID. 243 AB 11470 11/04 09.12-09.30 PIR Treasure Islands, Pirate, EE: TK, MX, ID. 354 AB 6210 11/04 11.52- PIR R.Marabu, Pirate, GG/EE: Mx rock, ID. 332 BP 6300 11/04 11.55-12.08 PIR R.Flux, PIR. DD/EE: Mx folk, ID, Deil box 232 BP S/OFF. 6284 11/04 12.10- PIR Farmers from Holland, Pirate, DD: Mx, ID. 333 BP 9575 13/04 07.40 MRC Médi 1, Tanger, FF: ID followed by TK in AA F. 333 AN 11734 13/04 16.59-17.23 TZA Sauti Ya Tanzania Zanzibar - Swahili: ID, G. 544 AN NX relayed from R.Tanzania Dar Es Salaam. 6265 13/04 18.00 ZAM R.Zambia, EE: NX. At 18.13 jingle in VV P. 242 AN 9680 13/04 22.31 THA R. Thailand - EE: ID, NX. G. 544 AN 15476 13/04 20.47-21.00 ATD R. Nacional Arcangel S.gabriel - SS: MX, P. 242 AN At 20.58 Full ID and S/OFF 2 minutes later. 11815 13/04 21.38-21.47 BRA R. Brasil Central, Goiania, PP: Sport and G. 444 AN Commercials with mention of Goiania. 6165 13/04 22.00 TCD R.Diffusion Nationale Tchadienne - FF: ID, G. 544 AN NX. 15345 13/04 22.15 ARG RAE, Buenos Aires, SS: ID, Weather, NX. G. 454 AN 5075 14/04 00.34-00.38 CLM Caracol, Bogotà, SS: TK, Time, ID. F. 343 AN 4920 14/04 00.40 IND Probably AIR, Madras, EE: End of NX. F. 343 AN 21500 14/04 15.00 CHI R. Voz Cristiana, Santiago, SS: ID, NX. F. 343 AN 4976 14/04 17.55-17.58 UGA R. Uganda - EE: NX on sport in Africa. G. 454 AN 9780 14/04 18.00-10.08 YEM R. Yemen, EE: IS, Nat. Anthem, ID, NX, MX. F/G 343 AN 9675 15/04 07.00-07.20 PNG Probably NBC, Port Moresby, EE: NX, Western P. 242 AN Music interspersed with talks. 1323 15/04 13.57-14.12 ALB R. Shkoder. Shkoder, Albanian: End of NX G. 354 AN relayed from Tirana, ID and personal mes- sages from/to refugees from Kosovo. 648 15/04 16.13 ALB VOA via R. Tirana, Kukes (NEW RELAY!), Al- F. 353 AN banian: NX on Kosovo crisis. 1251 15/04 17.38-17.52 LIB Voice of Africa, EE: NX, ID. At 17.41 ID F. 343 AN and NX in FF. 1233 15/04 19.00 CYP R. Monte Carlo Middle East, AA: ID, NX. P/F 333 AN 3939 16/04 19.22- PIR Jan Duin (?) - Dutch mx, ID(?) in Dutch 332 BP 5805 17/04 22.40- PIR R.Free London - Mx rock, ID, QTH in EE 333 BP 3906 17/04 22.44- PIR R.Blackbeard - Mx pop, ID, QTH in EE 333 BP 3930 17/04 22.48- PIR Laser Hot Hits - Mx pop, ID in EE (// 6220) 232 BP 6220 17/04 22.48- PIR Laser Hot Hits - Mx pop, ID in EE (// 3930) 232 BP 3920 17/04 22.56- PIR R.Korak Int. - Mx pop-folk, ID, phone in EE 433 BP 5805 18/04 06.43- PIR R.Free London - Mx rock,ID, QTH in EE 333 BP 6240 18/04 06.46- PIR R.Bandonica - Mx dance, ID in EE 333 BP 6270 18/04 06.57- PIR R.AL Int. - Mx pop, ID, e-mail in EE 333 BP 6299 18/04 07.01- PIR R.Torenvalk - Mx dance, ID in EE 332 BP 11390 18/04 07.30- I Marconi R.Int. - Mx, info DX, ID in It, EE 232 BP 6210.6 18/04 07.56- PIR R.Titanic Int. - Mx rock,ID,QTH in EE, GG 333 BP 6284 18/04 09.20- PIR Farmers from Holland-Dutch songs,ID in DD 333 BP 6275 18/04 09.27- PIR R.Bordehunter - Mx pop, ID in EE (live!) 333 BP 7165 21/04 16.00-16.05 ETH R. Ethiopia, EE: IS, ID, NX, Western songs. P/F 232 AN 21500 21/04 16.30 CHI R. Voz Cristiana, Santiago, SS: ID, NX. G. 354 AN 11734 21/04 17.00 TZN Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar - Swahili: Time G. 544 AN pips and NX from Dar Es Salaam. 1251 21/04 17.36-18.01 LIB Voice of Africa, Tripoli, EE: ID, NX. At G. 343 AN 17.48 ID and NX in FF. 9870 22/04 14.00 GUM KTWR, Agana, CC: ID. F. 253 AN 4790 22/04 16.59 PAK Azad Kashmir R, Urdu: ID, NX relayed from G. 354 AN R. Pakistan. 4950 22/04 17.30 IND AIR, Srinagar, EE: ID, NX. F. 353 AN 4920 22/04 17.31 IND AIR, Chennai, EE: NX. In // 4950 kHz. F. 343 AN 4910 22/04 17.32 IND AIR, Jaipur, EE: NX. In // 4920, 4950 kHz. F. 343 AN 4800 22/04 17.33 IND AIR, Hyderabad, EE: NX //4950-4920-4910 kHz F. 333 AN 9780 22/04 18.00 YEM R. Sana'a, EE: ID, NX. F. 433 AN 4965 22/04 18.03 ZMB Christian Voice, Lusaka, EE: ID P/F 333 AN 4770 22/04 18.16 NIG R. Nigeria, Kaduna, EE: ID and NX. P/F 333 AN 6055 22/04 20.57-21.02 RRW R. Rwanda, EE/VV/FF: MX, Full ID, National F. 433 AN Anthem, Test tone and S/OFF. 6050 22/04 21.32-21.40 NIG R. Nigeria, Ibadan, EE: ID, African MX. G. 353 AN 11940 24/04 00.21-00.24 CBG National R. of Cambodia, FF: MX, ID at 0023 F. 343 AN 7165 27/04 16.28-16.38 ETH R. Ethiopia, EE: Western Song, ID, NX. P. 322 AN 15244 27/04 17.28-17.35 ZAI R.TV Nationale Congolaise, FF: End of a px F. 343 AN probably called "La Voix de l'armée" 5985 27/04 17.40 COG Radiodiff. TV Congolaise, Brazzaville, FF: 232 KR TK with clear mention of "Brazzaville" (at 17.44) and "Congolaise" (at 1746). QRM from Voice of Turkey on 5980. 6055 27/04 17.50 RWD R. Rwanda, VV: TK with several mentions of 353 KR Rwanda. Clear channel. 5993.3 27/04 17.58 MLW MBC Blantyre, Chichewa: TK with mention of 333 KR Malawi. At 1800 NX in EE by female speaker. 5990.5 27/04 18.02 ETH R Ethiopia, Amharic: NX. In // with 9704.20 333 KR where big splatter RFE (SIO 322). 6049.9 27/04 18.40 NIG R Nigeria, Ibadan, EE: African MX. At 1842 433 KR short transmission breakdown; back at 1843. At 18.45 ID as "Radio Nigeria" and announ- cement for more music followed by african MX. QRM from R Slovakia INT on 6055. 4950 27/04 18.58 ANG R Nacional Angola, PP: African drums with 353 KR male speaker mentioning Luanda. At 19.00 ID as "Radio Nacional" and NX. 3310 27/04 01.00 BOL R. Mosoi Chaski, Cochabamba, SS: Full ID 332 RV and S/Off. 5952.6 27/04 01.30 BOL R. Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, SS: ID 333 RV 7480 28/04 15.56 PIR Europe 41 - Mx pop (Ultravox). 322 BP 9240 28/04 16.20-16.26 CLA Voice of Truth, Voice of the Eritrean F/G 343 AN Islamic Jihad Movement, AA: TK, Chants. At 16.26 TK with mention of "Sudan" and "Ethiopia", ID and S/OFF. 9355 28/04 16.53-16.59 GUM KSDA, AWR Asia EE: Instrumental MX. At G. 454 AN 16.58 Full ID and S/OFF. 9465 28/04 17.00 MRA KFBS, RR: ID, Address. F/G 544 AN 15170 28/04 17.30-17.52 INS Voice of Indonesia, SS: ID, Frequencies, NX G/E 544 AN 6165 28/04 17.40 ZMB ZNBC R 2, Lusaka, EE: African choir songs 333 KR with afropopmusic. At 1759 Int Signal, time peeps and NX. At 18.00 //with 6265 Radio 1 SIO 353. On 6165 mixed with Chad and Minsk 1. Recheck at 18.17 no more //when R. 2 on 6165 has an English female speaker and 6265 R. 1 has a male speaker in Vernacular. 9200 28/04 18.09-18.13 SUD R. Omdurman, EE: Press Review, ID. P. 322 AN 9780 28/04 18.18-18.29 YEM R. San'a, EE: Press Review. ID at 18.29 G. 544 AN 6165 28/04 18.20-18.41 TCD R Nat Chadienne, AA: TK with mentions of 333 KR Chad, Moundou and N,djamena.At 1834 african songs with drums. Mixed with Minsk and ZNBC. 11560 28/04 21.18-21.28 CLA R. Kudirat, hostile to Nigerian gov., EE: E 554 AN NX by a male speaker. ID at 19.23 6055 28/04 22.58 RWD R. Rwanda, VV/FF/EE: Full ID. P. 322 AN 11955 28/04 21.44-22.00 ANG R. Nacional Angola, PP: Interview, songs. F/G 433 AN At 22.00 ID and heavy QRM from BBC on the same frequency. 3366 28/04 22.04 GHA R. Ghana, Accra, EE: NX, ID. In // 4915. F. 333 AN 4950 28/04 22.08-22.27 ANG R. Nacional Angola, PP: TK. In // 11955. F. 333 AN 5100 28/04 22.29-23.00 LIB R. Liberia Int., EE: TK, African MX. F. 333 AN 4815 28/04 23.16 BFA R.Diffusion Nationale de Burkina, FF: TK F. 333 AN and African MX. Also at 00.00-00.02 with closing announcement, Nat. Anthem and S/OFF 4920 28/04 23.23-23.26 EQA R. Quito, SS: ID, Sport (Futbol?). P/F 233 AN 4930 29/04 00.17-00.23 HND R. Costena Ebenazar, SS: Commercials with F. 343 AN mention of S. Pedcro Sula. At 00.21 Song. 5025 29/04 01.06-01.10 CUB R. Rebelde, SS: TK. P. 322 AN 15460 30/04 10.52-10.58 SEY FEBA, Tagalog: TK. At 10.55 ID and MX. At F/G 343 AN 10.57 IS and ID in AA. 3905 30/04 19.50-19.59 INS RRI, Merauke, Indonesian: MX and Indonesian 243 KR songs. At 19.59 IS (Love Ambon) and NX. 4890 30/04 20.07 PNG NBC, Port Moresby, Pidgin?: NX. At 20.08 243 KR Time announcement. 3344.8 30/04 20.53-21.06 INS RRI, Ternate, Indonesian: Indonesian songs, 253 KR At 20.59 NX, 21.03 IS (Love Ambon), ID. 5025 30/04 21.30-21.35 AUS VL8K, Katherine, EE: NX, ID as "ABC News". 233 KR 3325 30/04 21.55 INS RRI, Palangkaraja, Indonesian: MX, IS Love 233 KR Ambon. At 22.00 NX. 4925 30/04 22.02 INS RRI, Jambi, Indonesian: NX. In // 3325 kHz. 232 KR 3395 30/04 22.06 INS RRI, Bandat Lampung, Indonesian: IS, TK. 232 KR 3939 30/04 22.20 PIR Jan Duin (?), Dance-folk MX. 332 BP Contributors AB = Achim Brueckner, in Detmold (Germany). RX: NRD 525 GF ANT: ARA30, 20m LW. AN = Antonello Napolitano in Taranto (Italy). RX: ICOM IC R70. ANT: inverted "V". BP = Bruno Pecolatto in Pont Canavese (TO - Italy). RX: Kenwood R5000. ANT: Yaesu FRT7700 - 15m LW. KR = Karl van Rooy (Netherlands) via Hard-Core-DX mailing list. RX: ? ANT: ? RV = Ruud Vos in Utrecht (Netherlands) via hard Core-DX mailing list. RX: Japan Radio NRD 545 + T2FD. INTERNATIONAL DX NEWS
ALBANIA Programmes in Albanian from the Voice of America are now also relayed on medium wave via the transmitter in Kukes (where most of Kosovo refugees are concentrated) of the Albanian Radio and Television. The frequency is 648 kHz. In particular I heard the VOA Albanian programme via Kukes at 13.00-13.15 (also on 1215 kHz + short wave), 14.30-15.00 (also on 1458 kHz + short wave) and 16.00-16.30 (also on short wave). It should be mentioned that at the end of each VOA programme the Radio Tirana transmitter in Kukes reverse to its normal national programme. To obtain more information I checked the VOA website but, unfortunately, there is no trace of any VOA transmission on 648 kHz via Kukes. So I wonder if that relay is authorized or rather is an initiative of the Albanian radio. Meanwhile Radio Tirana is offering the use of its airwaves to Albanians who wish to send personal messages to relatives or friends amongst the Kosovo refugees. The same may be said for some local stations like Radio Korce, near the border with Macedonia, (on 621 kHz) and Radio Shkoder near the border with Montenegro (on 1323 kHz).(Antonello Napolitano).
BOLIVIA The long awaited Bolivian radio station Mosoj Chaski, broadcasting from Cochabamba, is now active, and has been heard by several DXers with good signals on 3310 kHz. One reporter is Jay Novello, who in DX Windows notes good reception, but lots of interference, on April 15 at 10.00 UTC. The station has also been heard by Brasilian DXer Djaci Franklin Silva on April 14 and April 15, with full ID's while signing off at 0100 UTC both days. ID given as "R. Mosoj Chaski...tres mil trescientos diez kilohercios... banda de noventa metros". (Nordic Shortwave Center)
CONGO - REPUBLIC 9609.98 RTV Congolaise (t) This one likely at 0722 w/hyper M dj in FF and uptempo African dance music; weak but in the clear, peaked to fair a few times but never when M was speaking, naturally. Digital mil voice system (sounds like cicadas) came up on freq @0730; that combined with daylight-deteriorated signal effectively ended reception. Worth further exploration for fellow insomniacs. (23-Apr/Quaglieri in New York USA via Hard-Core-DX)
LIBYA The Voice of Africa can be heard with news bulletins in English and French also on medium wave on 1251 kHz. The station was noted here in Taranto between 17.38 to 17.52 on 15th April. Transmission time might be somewhat instable since on the following day I heard the final portion of the French news at around 17.30. (Antonello Napolitano).
MADAGASCAR Radio Madagasikara is now again active on 5009.50 KHz with its programme in Malagasy and S/OFF at 19.00. I heard the station first on 26th April. The station was received also on 27th April but with a weaker signal. (Karl van Roy in the Netherlands via Hard-Core-DX mailing list).
NORWAY In mid May the work at the new NRK 675 kHz transmitter at Rost will be ended, and the new transmitter will be put into operation. Frequency is the same as the old Bodø transmitter, which will be closed down. Power will remain at 10 kW, although the new site is capable of running up to 20 kW. The new transmitter combined with an excellent location almost sitting in seawater should improve the signal compared to the old situation. The DX-Listeners' Club in Norway has suggested to NRK that a special broadcast should be made on the last night Bodø is in operation, and the first day of broadcast from Rost. The decision has still to be made, and closer to the actual transition date more specific details can be found at http://www.dxlc.com/. (Nordic Shortwave Center).
PERU The American based IMF World Missions is planning to start shortwave transmissions from the Peruvian jungles. According to Cumbre DX  the probable location would be Iquitos, in northeastern Peru. Operations still to be approved by Peruvian officials. This missionary operation has been having severe problems with their transmissions from their Honduran station HRMI, on 5890 kHz. The station has been off for almost a year, due to technical difficulties. However, they plan to be back with 3 kW of power "in a few weeks". (Nordic Shortwave Center).
RUSSIA The Italian programme from the Voice of Russia can now be heard daily from 17.00 to 18.00 on 1548, 9810, 11920, 11980 and 15455 kHz. (Antonello Napolitano).
TANZANIA 7165.11 Radio Tanzania, noted at 0604 w/news and sports in EE read by M, ends w/"...from Dar Es Salaam.."; ad block followed at 0613, then W with anmt, about 15 secs silence, then 0615 sacred mx, brief drums/chanting, then M in swahili w/religious sermon, ending w/ "amen" @0627; drums and local mx followed, with more programming in swahili through 0705 tune-out, by which time signal pretty well gone. Fair at best, w/adjacent QRM until 0700, then station in clear but too weak to really copy. (23-Apr/Quaglieri in New York - USA via Hard-Core-DX)
U.S.A:/ARGENTINA As from 30th April, a weekly programme in Spanish produced by Radio Pasteur, which desbribes itself as the first free student radio in Argentina, can be heard via WRMI-Radio Miami International (9955 kHz) on Fridays, from 01.30 to 02.00 UTC. The first 4 programmes are: "A 20 Anos', un recordatorio de los anos de la dictadura argentina que asolo al pais entre 1976-1983; 2) "Jose Luis Cabezas: El Asesinato de un Periodista', 3) "Adolfo Perez Esquivel: La Voz de los Sin Voz"; 4) "Argentina: Rostros en Busca de su Identidad'. A special QSL card has been issued for each programme; a nice present, together with the four cards, will be sent to anybody who listen to all of the above-mentioned programmes. The address is Radio Pasteur / Claudio Morales Casilla 1852, Correo Central, 1000 Buenos Aires, Argentina. Return postage in the form of two IRC's is essential to receive a confirmation. (Claudio Morales via Hard-Core-DX mailing list).
NIGERIA Opposition station R. Kudirat has unexpectedly returned, heard April 15 at 1900 on its former frequency 6205, also announcing 11540; heard the next night 1900-2000 on 6205 and 11560, not 11540. These are via SENTECH, South Africa. Press reports say the station returned April 12 after having difficulty getting permission to broadcast within Nigeria (Chris Greenway, UK, REVIEW OF INTERNATIONAL BROADCASTING via Glenn Hauser's SW DX report 99-19, April 22, 99. Taken from (DXing.com)

YUGOSLAVIA Already known: Radio station called "Allied Voice" broadcasts in Serbian from airplane on 1003 kHz, 3 FM frequencies and 1 TV channel (21) for people of Serbia, Yugoslavia. The plane flies 6000 m (18000 ft) high and the MW transmitter has 10 kWs. I heard the station for the first time yesterday, April 25, between 1000-1320 UTC sign off. My location is Plzen (Pilsen), 90 km SW from Prague. Yesterday I had a poor signal here in our house, in the middle of all that noise of bigger town (170.000 people). Today (April 26) I took my car, a Lowe HF-150 receiver and 50 m of wire and drove to the edge of the city. The noise was as strong as in our house so I drove on, some 10 km north to the area of small villages and forests. When I connected the wire to my receiver, I could not believe my ears, the signal was so good. I have been listening for more than 1 hour until the sign off at exactly 1400 UTC. According to my observations, Allied Voice (Zayednichki Glas) is on the air daily for 3-4 hours (April 25: 1000-1320; April 26: 1030-1400 UTC). The program consists of anglo-american pop and rock with short comments (2-4 minutes) every ca. 15 minutes. The station ID is (in Serbian) "Allied Voice", "Allied Voice of NATO", "Radiostation of NATO forces" and similar modifications. Anti-Miloshevich comments and propaganda are read by men and women with a strong American accent (!). It seems they are Serbs living in the US already for many years. The signal is technically quite OK, propagation from airplane flying so high above the ground is excellent, the signal has no fading at all (it is early afternoon of our local time!). Although it has only 10 kW, its level was practically the same as the one of Hrvatski Radio on 1134 kHz (600 kW). The signal of Belgrade on 684 kHz (2000 kW, now maybe less) was poor with long and deep fadings. My location is ca. 1000 km from Belgrade. I think that it is possible to hear the signal up to 1500 km from Serbia. Leave your town with a portable - (or car-) receiver and a role of wire and it is very probable that you will hear it (until it is too late). After all the transmissions are a bit funny. I think that accented speeches and strong propaganda contents will hardly find massive audience, especially in Serbia where people are now very sensitive of everything that is coming from NATO countries that are destroying their country. It reminds me the time in August 1968 when 5 countries of the Warsaw Pact occupied our country (the Czech Republic). Immediately after their entry the clandestine station called VLTAVA went on the air from Dresden, East Germany. Strong accent of German speakers and communist propaganda did not find their listeners and the station remained only a source of jokes ... (Karel Honzik in the Czech Republic via Hard-Core-DX).